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The CSP-30 is an electrically driven Scraper Winch with a power of 30 HP designed to be used in mining works with "Risk Condition 2" (potentially explosive atmosphere), with the use prescriptions established in the General Regulations of Basic Mining Safety Standards, for the extraction of material by means of a dragging bucket in places of difficult access


The set is mounted on a very robust electro-welded frame where the perpendicular axis reducer and double output axis, the hydraulic controls to drive the clutches and eyebolts are supported for a safe fixation.

On the output shafts of the reducer rotate the disc brakes that make the clutch function, allow the rotation of the traction and redirecting drums, being hydraulically driven by two manual pumps that inject liquid under pressure through a rotary joint.

The brake discs are protected by perforated housings for better ventilation and on them are placed the rollers that guide the cable and protect it from deterioration.

The drive is provided by a B5 22 kW flameproof motor.


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Drive power 22kW
Engine speed 1500 rpm
Drum pulling force 1800 kg
Reduction rate 30.6
Speed on the pull cable 1,12 m/s
Speed on the forwarding cable 1,33 m/s
Cable diameter 14 mm
Pulling drum roll capacity 180 m
Forwarding drum roll capacity 125 m
Pulling drum diameter 350 mm
Forwarding drum diameter 450 mm
Outer diameter of drums 650 mm
Width of drums 220 mm

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