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The Ex d I certified explosion-proof FPA200 enclosure is made of steel and is ready to be coupled to Promining transformers or to be mounted on a skid with a high voltage output box. Inside it contains a fuse switch with SF6 contacts.





Rated voltage kV                 7.2
Rated busbar intensity (A)             400/ 630
Assigned drift intensity (A)               200
Short-term intensity of higher busbar (kA)              16/20
Insulation level: industrial frequency (1 min)
Grounded and between phases (kV) 28
At sectioning distance (kV) 32
Insulation level: Lightning impulse
Grounded and between phases (kV) 75
At sectioning distance (kV) 85
Closure capacity (kA) 2,5
Cutting capacity
Active current (A) 400/630
Capacitive current (A) 31,5
Inductive current (A) 16
Breaking capacity of the switch and fuse combination (kA) 20
Current transfer (UNE-EN 60420) (A) 1500


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